Amanda Augustine-Fee would run an entire marathon if the cool, icy taste of a Kale Nut smoothie awaited her at the finish line. Actually, she’s already run several marathons for little more than a high-five and the positive rush of knowing she can. She’s a perfect example of living a balanced Jugo-fuelled, active lifestyle! Work hard, dream big, eat healthy and stay active. To this list, Jugo Juice’s Senior District Manager of Alberta adds “love animals,” and her 2 dogs, 6 horses and 3 ponies can attest to that commitment. Oh, and don’t forget Taco, her small mechanical office Chihuahua! When Amanda is not running with her pooches, jumping her horses or trying to get Taco to stop chasing his tail, she can be found working tirelessly to help Jugo Franchise Partners forge their own paths, reach success and be the best Jugo-team they can be. She’s a true leader of the pack!

Charlene would hike up hill both ways through a snowstorm for a Jugo Juice smoothie. Why? Well, aside from the allure of its healthy deliciousness, Charlene is always willing to go the extra mile. She will do what it takes to help people achieve their goals and leave them with a smile. Inspiring people inspires her, which is why at an event, when a customer asked if she would add a granola bar to a smoothie to increase the protein, she embraced Jugo’s innovative spirit and went for it! The result? Success! Off walked a happy customer with a 1-of-a-kind smoothie creation and a smile from ear to ear.


Joining the Jugo Juice team with the promise of everlasting life (just kidding…or perhaps not?), Cheryl has found the magic may just be real. Having spent 810 days and counting as Manager of Menu Development & Innovation, Cheryl combats the forces of evil food – the boring, bland and bad-for-you – with the determination of a Kale Nut smoothie-powered Wonder Woman!

After hitting the snooze button a few times in the morning, this home-grown, proud Calgarian powers up each day with the motto: “Best. Day. Ever.” Possessing an almost mythical talent for remembering song lyrics – especially Beatles’ lyrics, which are on constant internal replay – how could the day not be great? So, crummy food beware! Cheryl has Good Day Sunshine on repeat and day 811 is going to be the Best. Day. EVER!

Every office needs that one special person who has the innate, unique ability to assemble all the staff into a neat, organized and effective unit. This enviable skill – also known as the ability to “herd cats” – belongs to Ewa, Office Manager & Corporate Trainer. Direct and independent, she’s not afraid to flash one of her toned biceps, if all other herding tactics fail (yeah, she works out to RELAX).
When she’s not workin’ on her fitness or keeping the office in check, she can be found sipping on a Kale Berry Crush smoothie while spending time with her husband and son, organizing travel plans to continue exploring Canada and beyond!

If you were to ask Hiten, District Manager of Quebec, what would be impossible for him to give up, he’d tell you without hesitation: the gym. It’s his second home. If he’s not at work, 9 out of 10 times you will find him there working up a sweat with his brother (who just so happens to be his personal trainer!). If you didn’t know, a Big Blue Protein tastes the absolute best immediately following a hard shred at the gym.
Being so dedicated to a healthy lifestyle, it’s no surprise that Hiten is described as persistent and organized. Favouring hands‑on support, he loves helping franchisees understand and achieve their business objectives. And when the day (and workout) are done, Hiten is likely developing a meticulous plan to further expand his impressive Funko Pop! collection. 

A results-driven and innovative leader at heart, Jamie gets a real kick out of watching satisfied customers ‘drink up’ and truly enjoy Jugo Juice’s healthy, original food creations. A seasoned communicator and father of three, Jamie has the skills to traverse the treacherous Team Anna–vs–Team Elsa debate with his 4-year-old (an expert on “Frozen”, you understand), AND run a successful, motivating team meeting to grow brand innovation and awareness. He can get on everyone’s level and relate!
Jamie is a mentorship whiz who’s a kid at heart himself. That’s why his favourite kids to coach are 2 & 3 year olds: it just means he gets to be a silly kid again too! That and it’s the perfect environment to practice his favourite dance move without fear of embarrassment: the white-guy shuffle.

Like the Wizard of Oz orchestrating marvels from behind the curtain, Senior Graphic Designer Kelsey is the creative face behind the giant screen. Thankfully she’s not green or scary! (Although she prefers her smoothies and juices to be green).
Kelsey keeps the creative (fruit) juices flowing and staying grounded by connecting with nature. Her happy place is amongst the forest and lakes from where she grew up in the Kootenay’s and the Rocky mountains in her own backyard. Drawing inspiration from the quote “graphic design will save the world right after rock and roll does,” Kelsey is doing her part to save the world one design and delicious glass of red wine at a time.  

As ripe as the fruit in our fresh-pressed juice, Kendall boasts a solid 7.5 years of experience with Jugo, making him a seasoned veteran of the team. So, when he shares some of his favourite nuggets of wisdom, like “efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction,” “be confident but maintain humility,” and “don’t hold celebrities in higher regard than any other people,” we listen!
When he’s not proudly carrying the torch of leadership, Kendall can usually be found kicking back, watching sports with his kids or cheering on the Roughnecks – his favourite lacrosse team. If you are really lucky, you may even spot him celebrating a goal with his signature ‘Gangnam Style’ dance moves.

Lindsey was brought to Jugo Juice by the desire to work for a healthy active-living brand that aligned with her lifestyle…although the allure of free smoothies didn’t hurt. Her love of Jugo is admittedly second only to her love of “the good stuff” - cheese. Nearly considering Fromage a food group unto itself, our Marketing Manager has professed that it would be impossible for her to give it up. But hey, life is all about balance - Lindsey spends much of her free time on the ball field or the curling ice, so we say Gouda for her!
A real firecracker, Lindsey’s zest for healthy competition, organization, and her desire to ‘make the rules’ has earned her the nickname Monica (after the “Friends” character), and makes her a true asset to the Jugo team.

When the rest of the world is still asleep, Lisa - a self-described early bird - can already be found in her kitchen sipping a piping hot mug of java “juice,” nose-deep in a cookbook planning her next drool-worthy feast. Never one to disappoint, our spirited Senior District Manager of Atlantic Canada, Manitoba & Ontario, applies herself with military-like focus to whatever task she sets her mind to. Heck, when she was young she aspired to be a military lawyer! Thankfully for us, Lisa wound up on a path that brought her determination and drive to us (and us to her scrumptious antipasto platters of perfection!).


Ever been curious whether pizza would take well to blending? Prokopios (or just PK) wondered and for the record…it did not. But it’s that spirit of curiosity and experimentation that we love at Jugo Juice and admire in PK! Thriving on the West Coast’s appetite for healthy, energizing food and drink, this Vancouver native fits right in. Never having the same smoothie two days in a row (his faves incorporate spinach and are more tart than sweet), he’s always tweaking recipes and experimenting with flavours.
Holding the record at head office for the fastest time to prepare a 24oz Kale’s King fresh pressed juice, PK inspires us to blend a little harder, juice a little brighter and think a little greener. Must have been all the spinach….

When he’s not drawing inspiration from the beautiful Rocky Mountains or cheering on his favourite sports team (Go Jets, Red Sox, & Vikings!), Rob expertly wrangles designers, general contractors and franchisees onto the path of success. The go-to man who’s always got a plan, Rob has come far from his days of rockin’ out to 80’s metal.
As National Store Development Project Manager, Rob performs an impressive juggling act that has him reaching for a Big Blue Protein smoothie come break time. Here you may catch a rare glimpse of him drifting off to his happy place: a front row seat on Fenway Park’s Green Monster as the Red Sox capture the World Series (again!). The finishing touch? Getting his groove on as Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” booms through the stadium after the top of the 8th inning. 


Proud recipient of the “Most Honest Golfer” award won at a local tournament, Director of Operations Ryan prides himself on honesty and reliability. Pair his easy-going and positive demeanour with a passion for Jugo’s premium products and you have a recipe that’s going to blend the competition away!

When night falls, Ryan, along with his trusty basset hound Ulfric, channel the crime-fighting energy of Knight Rider (his favourite childhood TV show), to thwart his “evil” family cat Rasputin’s attempts at world domination. His secret weapon? Ryan keeps a Watermelon Wiggle close by to help take on any challenge – whether it’s franchise or evil feline nemesis related.