What's in Your Smoothie?

You asked for it, we did it! We’ve made comparing smoothies quick and easy, collecting all of the info you need to make an informed smoothie choice.



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Our five step formula to making a great-tasting, healthy smoothie!

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Not all smoothies are created equal.

At Jugo Juice we believe that a healthy smoothie can also be a great-tasting smoothie. Read more below to find out why.

Want to try for yourself?

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Artificial vs Natural
Unlike our Competitors, we don't use artificial colours or flavours in our smoothies!
Sweetened vs Naturally Sweet
Added sugars lurks in the sorbet and purées that our competitors use. At Jugo Juice, we know that natural is best.
Styrofoam vs Recyclable
Unlike our competitors, we believe in using recyclable cups. It's the right thing to do!

What's your smoothie in?
Purée vs Pure
At Jugo Juice, we insist on whole, premium fruits in our smoothies.
Premade vs Made Fresh
At Jugo Juice we blend whole fruit and fresh greens right in front of you.
Filler vs Real Fruit
At Jugo Juice, we use only whole fruit and veggies to fill up your cup.
Premade vs Made Fresh
At Jugo Juice we blend whole fruit and fresh greens right in front of you.
Q : Does Jugo Juice use added sugars?
A : NO! All of our delicious smoothies and fresh pressed juices contain        No Added Sugar and No Artificial Ingredients – just the naturally good, clean-burning energy Mother Nature created. Real fruit, fresh greens and 100% unsweetened juices – never any fillers like sorbet or purees. Unlike all of our competitors, we’re the only ones that can say that. Click here for our handy smoothie comparison chart that lets you in on the secrets the other guys don’t want you to know.  Jugo Juice will never compromise on taste and you can be sure that we will find products that meet our high standard for flavor and goodness. 
What is sorbet anyway? Basically, fruit juice, water and sugar, processed into a scoop-able goo. Tastes good for dessert, but probably not what you want to fuel your body with daily. Some of our competitors like to fool you into thinking sorbet is whole fruit and don’t tell you about the sugar that is being added to your smoothie. Only Jugo Juice uses whole fruit, picked at the peak of freshness and flash frozen, to ensure optimal benefits and outstanding flavor. This is the Jugo Juice difference, and you deserve it.
Do you see a difference? We do. The debate that is on everyone’s mind - SUGAR (insert scary music here). Actually, we all need sugar (aka carbohydrates) to survive- our bodies use it as fuel. The whole fruit and fruit juices at Jugo Juice do have naturally occurring fruit sugars in them; they also have vitamins, fiber and other nutrients vital to your body’s well-being. Added sugar, like those used to process sorbets, purees, and syrups, are missing these key nutrients. You still get the fuel, but none of the benefits. It is complex, just like your body, but if you put the best in, you get the best out!