At Jugo Juice we truly care about our friends and neighbours and love blending up good times for great causes! That’s why we continue to be a partner in building stronger and healthier communities by supporting community initiatives that make a difference. It’s what good neighbours do!


Here are the facts:

• Since we opened our door in 1998, we've supported over 10,000 events and causes of all sizes
• We love introducing people to our products - we know that once you try a Jugo Juice smoothie, you won't go back to the filler-filled, sugar-added "smoothies" that our competition sells
• If you've got a soccer tournament, yoga marathon, fundraising gala or other healthy, active event coming up, we want to hear from you!

Just fill out the contact form below and make sure you give us some notice so we’re able to help. All requests are welcome; however, due to the high volume of requests we receive, we’ll do our best but might not be able to accommodate them all.

store level sponsorship

Seeking sponsorship in support of your local community group, sports team or event? We encourage you to contact the local Jugo Juice store in your community. All Jugo Juice locations are owned and operated by local business people who are eager to get involved in and support a variety of initiatives!

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